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Veterinary Medical Massage is the application of specific hand movements on a patient to improve muscle and joint function by relieving tension, spasm, or other restrictions to proper motion. Medical Massage facilitates reduction of inflammation and pain. It may be used to increase comfort for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain, and can reduce recovery time after an injury or surgery.


Length of a session can be from 5-20 minutes depending on the patient’s responses. The trained professional performing massage will perceive how your companion is reacting to the massage and will tailor the length of session accordingly. Owners are welcome to stay with their companion during sessions or can schedule a drop-off appointment.

When performing Veterinary Medical Massage in conjunction with Veterinary Medical Acupuncture we recommend alternating treatments. We advise medical acupuncture be performed with its recommended protocol and include medical massage in between acupuncture treatments.


Medical massage is very safe and gentle, when performed by a trained professional. Some pleasant side effects are a sense of relaxation, an improvement in sleep, or improvement in digestive tract transit.

How it works

Dogs and cats are very good at hiding pain. Many signs of pain can be subtle such as a twitch in the back, a slightly altered gait, reluctance to go upstairs and reluctance to jump. Feline patients may hide or avoid the litter box. As these early symptoms continue and progress, they may cause more unseen problems throughout the body.

Massage incorporates several methods of hands-on, low-force techniques that target restrictions and pain mostly in the soft tissues of the body. During massage therapy a trained professional will work with the weak and damaged tissues to strengthen them and help alleviate pain. When performed as part of a comprehensive treatment program, massage therapy can enhance a companion’s recovery time, as well as improve range of motion and circulation within the body.

What can it treat?

Some of the conditions and issues that might benefit from massage are

  • Ligament and muscle injuries
  • Chronic inflammatory conditions such as arthritis
  • Post-surgery or trauma (recovery)
  • Stress and anxiety


Animal Reaction

The trained professional performing massage will assess your companion’s pain, location of pain and personalize the massage accordingly. Most animals become very relaxed during the session and may even fall asleep.

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