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According to just about any poll you reference, a large percentage of Americans plan to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family, and many also admit to sharing their Thanksgiving dinner with their four-legged family members. But a festive time for you could be a stressful or dangerous time for your furbabies. We have some simple tips for you and your family, that will allow you to enjoy a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving holiday that includes your companion.

Limiting table scraps is so important.

Certain human foods like apples, carrots, and sweet potato are fine for companions. Other human foods are not as kind on our furbaby’s health. According to a poll from PetMD, 56% of readers admitted to sharing Thanksgiving table scraps with their companions. One simple graphic will help you remember what not to give them.


Limiting visitors to reduce stress.

Doorbells, people, smells, and noises can create quite a stir in your companion’s simple life. We have some tips on making the day as relaxing as possible for them.

  • Be sure that your companion is microchipped, and all information is up-to-date.
  • Create a safe, calm space for your companion to spend the evening away from the hoopla.
  • Mind open doors and windows, just because you worry about your companion leaving, doesn’t mean your guests will.

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