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Halloween is right around the corner! While dressing up in costumes and filling your bag with candy is fun, it can also be a hazard for your companion. Here are some tips on how to keep your companion safe this Halloween.

Keep the candy bag away from your furry friend

Chocolate is a very common candy to receive this season, and while it is tasty in moderation for us, it can be very harmful for your companion. Ingestion can result in agitation, vomiting, diarrhea, e
xcessive panting, abnormal rhythm, an elevated heart rate, and very high blood pressure. Significant ingestion amounts can result in neurologic signs like tremoring, seizing, or death. Always remember, the darker the chocolate, the more harmful to your companion.

Another danger in your Halloween stash is sugar-free candy. Xylitol, a natural sugar-free sweetener, can result in low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and even liver damage when ingested by dogs. Certain candies, mints, baked goods, and gums can contain large amounts, resulting in xylitol poisoning. Signs or symptoms of xylitol poisoning can include weakness, vomiting, lethargy, collapse, racing heart rate, and generalized lethargy. Do not feed sugar free foods of any kind e.g. peanut butter.

Once in a while, you may receive small boxes of raisins during Halloween. Raisins and grapes can cause acute kidney injury when ingested by dogs. Clinical signs may not show up for days, after severe damage to the kidneys has already occurred. Signs such as inappetence, vomiting, belly pain, bad breath, excessive or decreased thirst or urination, and generalized lethargy may be seen.

If you are concerned that your companion may have ingested anything harmful, call us immediately at 719-481-3080.

Trick or Treaters

For many companions the constant come and go of strangers is very stressful. If your furry friend is stressed by all of the activity keep them in a quiet room with their bed and some toys to help them be more comfortable and to lessen the chance of them running away. Be aware that the chances of your companion escaping are much higher than normal on Halloween. The door constantly opening and closing and the stress your companion may feel can cause them to flee. Ensure you have proper identification on your companion at all times and if your companion is not microchipped, now is the time to have them microchipped!

Stranger Danger

Black cats, and any companion for that matter, are at an increased risk of being stolen or hurt during the Halloween season. To ensure your companion is safe, keep them inside or under your supervision at all times and out of harm’s way. If you have any other questions or concerns about how to keep your companion safe this month, call us at 719-481-3080.

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