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Hello Northgate Animal Hospital Clients,

With all of the recent natural disasters requiring the evacuation and rescue of many animals, from several areas in the southern parts of the country, it is very important to protect your companions from disease.

As always we continue to strongly recommend the year round use of heartworm prevention, flea/tick treatment, current vaccines (for parvo/distemper/rabies/lepto/bordetella) and fecal testing for intestinal parasites.

All of these diseases and parasites are encountered in Colorado, however, their prevalence is much higher in areas of the country east of Colorado, especially the East Coast and Southern states. While we are always seeing an influx into Colorado of animals from these areas due to travel and relocation of families, we are going to have a significant spike with the evacuation/rescue efforts in response to the recent natural disasters in Texas and Florida.

We strongly urge you to contact us to ensure your furry companions have a current and strong foundation of preventative/protective healthcare.

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