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Itchy skin can be caused by many different components including but not limited to environment, food, seasonal allergies and/or ecto-parasites. It is important to realize 50 to 70% improvement is considered a successful response to treatment. The following are a few treatment options we recommend for your companion’s itchy skin.
EFA fatty acid supplements such as fish oil supplements are an important part of helping control skin allergies. We have an EFA fatty acid supplement available for your convenience.

Cool water baths every 24-48 hours can help with the irritation your companion has from allergies, along with weekly baths using hypo-allergenic shampoos and skin conditioners. If your pet is extra sensitive it might be necessary to rinse their paws and sometimes their entire body off with cool water daily and/or every time they come inside from playing.

Antihistamines may also be prescribed to help decrease the overactive immune response your companion is having from allergies.

Acupuncture is another good option for our companions to help with a wide array of conditions including skin allergies. Check out more information about veterinary medical acupuncture by clicking here.

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