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As our pets get older arthritis can affect them greatly. We have multiply options to help them with this condition; it’s a balancing act of what works for your pet the best. When our pets are limping and having a hard time getting up this is pain. Continued movement and exercise is vital to maintain muscle strength. It is very important to minimize pain and support joint/skeletal health so that our companions will want and be able to exercise and maintain physical strength.

Rimadyl can be a vital tool in managing chronic pain. Rimdayl is an NSAID, so we need to run blood work before starting and 30 days after being on it to watch for any changes in liver or kidneys levels. After that, we need to run blood work every six months to 1 year.

Tramadol is a synthetic opioid that can be an important part of managing chronic pain.

Dasaquin is a joint supplement formulated specifically for our dogs and cats. It is clinically proven to help with arthritis. See hand ou

EFA fatty acid supplements such as fish oil supplements are an important part of helping control chronic pain conditions. We have an EFA fatty acid supplement available for your convenience.

Acupuncture is another good option for our pets to help with a wide array of conditions including arthritis and chronic pain. Check out more information about veterinary medical acupuncture by clicking here.

Duralactin is a natural supplement for long term management of chronic inflammatory conditions in dogs. It is made up of dried milk proteins that help with the inflammatory response.

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