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Giardia is a single-celled parasite that lives in your companion’s intestines. Animals become infected when they swallow Giardia that may be present in water or other substances that have been soiled with feces.

While your companion is being treated for Giardia we recommend adding 1 tbsp. per 10 pounds body weight of no sugar added canned pumpkin twice a day to your companion’s food. Continue feeding the canned pumpkin until we confirm a fecal result with no evidence of Giardia.

We also recommend giving your companion a bath on the last day of their medical treatment for giardia, then recheck a fecal sample 3 weeks after starting treatment.

How will Giardia affect my dog?

Many animals infected with Giardia do not show symptoms of the disease. Giardiasis, the disease caused by Giardia infection, usually results in diarrhea. Having symptomatic giardiasis for a long time can cause weight loss; poor condition; and even death.

How do I prevent my dog from being infected with Giardia?

The best way to prevent Giardia infection is to make sure that your dog has safe, clean drinking water. It is important to prevent drinking water from puddles, lakes, streams, and ponds.

To prevent spreading Giardia (and other parasites), pick up the feces left by your dog immediately and place it in the trash. Be sure to avoid contact with the feces by using gloves, a bag over your hand, or a scooping device.

Can humans be harmed by Giardia?

Giardia is a common cause of diarrhea in people, but dog Giardia is not generally considered to spread from animals to humans. While human Giardia may infect dogs and then be passed on to humans, the majority of human cases are of human origin.

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