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May is a great time of year to spend time with your companion. The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. With that comes new concerns for you furry friend.

Since the weather is warmer, you may want to open windows in your home. This is a great way to get fresh air in your home after a long winter, but your companion may be harmed if you do not have secure screens placed in all windows. Our furry friends, especially cats, love the fresh air as much as we do. They will want to look out the window and lay in the window sill. Some cats, and dogs for that matter, are determined to get outside, and may push or scratch at the window screen. If there is no screen, or if the screen is not securely placed in the window, it is possible for your furry friend fall and become injured or escape.

Speaking of escaping, trips to the park and more frequent walks this time of year mean more chances for your companion to wander off. A tag placed on your furry friend’s collar with current and correct information is absolutely essential to the safety of your companion. We also advise a microchip be placed on all companions and that is registered with your current and correct information. A microchip or tag on a collar could be the reason you find your companion safe and sound when you may not have otherwise.

If you suffer from allergies you know how frustrating and annoying they can be. Our companions can also suffer from allergies, especially with the changing weather this time of year. Typically, our furry friends will manifest skin conditions as a result of their allergies. Some signs include itchy skin, redness, dryness, ear infections, and hair loss. If your companion is exhibiting any signs which may indicate they are suffering from allergies, call us right away. Pending a comprehensive exam by Dr. Scott, we can prescribe medications to bring your furry friend relief.

If you have any questions about the health or safety of your companion call us at 719-481-3080.

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