CEO Pleads Guilty To Counterfeit Flea Product Packaging

Article from Securing Industry. The chief executive of a packaging contractor in the US has admitted selling counterfeit animal health product labels and packaging in a federal court. 48-year-old California resident Paul S. Rodriguez Jr – who was in charge of Santa...

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How To Protect Your Companions From Heat Stroke

At Northgate Animal Hospital we believe that comprehensive preventative care and responsive treatment are the best approaches to providing your companion with a long, happy, healthful life. And in the summertime, this includes preventing heat stroke! Like humans, dogs...

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Questions To Ask Before Anesthesia

Kelly Serfas, a Certified Veterinary Technician in Bethlehem, PA, contributed to this article. Anesthesia can be scary. In addition to understanding the particulars of anesthesia, make sure you understand the real risks for your particular pet by asking following...

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Introducing A New Dog Into Your Family

Planning to get a new dog soon? In order to keep everyone happy and safe, it’s important to introduce new dogs to your existing furry family members properly. Here are a few tips. Introducing a new dog: To other dogs… Dogs are “pack” animals, meaning they have a...

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How to Keep Your Cat from Scratching

At Northgate Animal Hospital we believe that comprehensive preventative care and responsive treatment are the best approaches to providing your companion with a long, happy, healthful life. The services we offer enable us to provide high-quality, compassionate...

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5 Ways to Lower Indoor Cat Stress

We’re here for all stages of your furry friend’s life. In fact, we even created lifestyle guidelines for your cat's entire life just to make sure you're covered! Indoor cats enjoy many health benefits, including reduced risk of contracting an infectious disease or...

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Essential Oils Are Dangerous For Your Companion

More and more information has been coming out about the harmful effects that many popular essential oils can have on our companions. Essential oils are the concentrated liquids that come from plants. Many people use these oils for aromatherapy and alternative...

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FDA Warns: Giving Your Dog Bones Can Be Deadly

Do you give your dog a bone to chew on? It may be time to rethink that. A new article and a recent update from the FDA have a lot of great safety information for pet owners! We strongly advise against giving bones, antlers, and Nyla bones. Please see our Life Stage...

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